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5 Star Luxury Hotel Beds For Sale


Bring the comfort of a hotel bed and mattress to your home! 

We have all stayed in hotels where the beds and those amazing hotel pillows are second to none in the comfort stakes. There is something completely different
about hotel beds and mattresses that you just cannot replicate or purchase from your everyday home ware bedding store. Until now.

Everyone knows the benefits of a sound night's sleep, it is great for your overall health, your mood, and general day-to-day productivity (how hard can
it be sometimes to operate after a bad night's rest!), but it all comes down to identifying the correct balance of comfort and support for your particular

At The Hills Lodge Hotel, we are so confident in the comfort (you will have the best night's
sleep we promise!) of our hotel beds and mattresses that we are offering a 'try before you buy' hotel bed experience.

Spend a night on one of our 5 Star Accor Pillowtop beds and if it is the best night's sleep you can purchase the mattress and bed (a brand new one of course!)
direct from our specialist hotel supplier.

If you decide to purchase we will discount the Recommended Retail Price by 25% and then further discount this price by your one night's room rate.

The Accor 5 Star Pillowtop has been designed by Sleepmaker Commercial to deliver outstanding postural support and minimal partner disturbance for your
guests without compromising on sleep comfort. Our Accor 5 Star Pillowtop Beds offer commercial sleep systems that ensure our guests experience the
quality sleep that you desire. And this sound sleep experience can be yours in your own bedroom night after night.

We have bed's of all sizes, so contact us for more information on this fantastic offer!

For a quote email and include your preferred bed size, mattress with or without
base and finally the delivery location and your contact number.



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