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high-tea | Hills Lodge Hotel

High Tea Baby Showers


When we think of baby shower ideas, we think instantly of high tea’s ... really they go hand in hand. At Hills Lodge our High Tea is the perfect baby shower celebration.  The hotel is English Tudor style so a stunning setting for a truly special occasion.

There is something delightfully decadent about finding a pretty frock, perhaps some kitten heels and heading out with your girlfriends (in the day time!)
to celebrate the arrival of a new baby.  Whiling away a few hours with your girlfriends over a classic tiered stands full to the brim with darling
and deliciously mini cucumber and salmon finger sandwiches, a rainbow assortment of miniature cakes and tarts, plus of course let’s not forget the
bubbles and cuppa’s to go with!

I am talking, of course, about the High Tea – it’s a synonymous with decadence.   Originally enjoyed in the evening at the “high” or kitchen table,
the well-loved high tea has been around since the 1700’s and after a recent resurgence is still going strong.  As is our desire to put aside our
take away coffees and fast-paced lifestyles so we can delight in this quiet, sophisticated ritual.  Relaxing to peaceful pockets of music in the
background, as we nibble delicacies from three-tiered stands or perhaps it is the fragrance of the numerous types of teas drifting from delicate porcelain
tea cups.  Whatever it is, the experience is lovely and definitely a great way to spend any time out you may have with your friends.

Every mother-to-be deserves to be treated like royalty at her baby shower. It’s a time to be spoilt by your friends and family, as welcoming a child into
your family is an everlasting change.  Every girl loves a high tea, and a baby shower is the perfect excuse to organise one.

A high tea baby shower at the Hills Lodge will help to prepare your mum-to-be and her friends have the perfect day in a true traditional setting.

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